CCSCC's members are a diverse bunch of car enthusiasts. Anoraks we certainly are not. In fact, one of our members only recently learned that BMW Diesels don't have spark plugs!!!

The cars we own and drive are Vintage, Classic and Modern.

The most serene of the vehicles is 'Aggie' the cherished 1939 Austin 10 Cambridge, who never fails to bring out the best in passing motorists, with her characterful looks and pedestrian turn of speed.

The quickest in the pack - You would have to come to one of the track days our members attend throughout the year to find out. As on the road, we all travel at the same maximum speed - 70 mph of course!!! (Except Aggie who tops out at 50 unless our resident hooligan is at the wheel ( No names, but his everyday car is a BMW)

We meet informally every month at the Croft Spa Hotel (After a long absence, we are glad to be going back to our adopted home, now it's under new management)

As well as our annual driving trip abroad, we regularly have the cars out for a blast, and in the summer months we even have relaxing treasure hunts and attend local car shows.

We operate an 'Invitation Only' membership policy, but that doesn't mean you can't invite yourself along!!

You will be warmly greeted at any of our Club meetings and welcome to participate in any of the Club events